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Representation from a principled Arizonan with deep roots in the district

Joel John is a 4th generation Arizonan, born and raised in Buckeye.  His family has been farming in Arizona since the late 1800’s and in the Buckeye area since the 1950’s.  Joel is CEO of Desert Drip and Irrigation, a family owned agricultural irrigation company that specializes in the sale and service of agricultural irrigation systems and products, primarily sub-surface drip irrigation and center pivots. His work in irrigation requires him to organize machinery, material, and labor for large agricultural irrigation projects in Arizona. These projects send him around the state where he listens to the thoughts and concerns of farmers, business owners, and families. 


Joel is a former teacher, and taught music in the Buckeye Elementary School District. He still holds teaching certifications in Music and Spanish.  He has also worked in the commercial transportation industry transporting agricultural commodities, and still holds a commercial driver’s license. He serves his community as a leader in the Boy Scouts, a member of the Farm Bureau, and as a church choir director.  


Joel is a lifelong Republican and has been a Precinct Committeeman since 2014.  He also served as a state delegate in 2016.  He is a member of the NRA, a frequent hunter, and a Constitutionalist.


District 25 needs someone with deep roots in the district that hears and understands our concerns and challenges – not someone who plays party politics and is beholden to extreme agendas. 


Joel is running for state representative in District 25 to take power out of the hands of legislators and put it back in our local counties, cities, and school districts. He will ensure that Arizona continues to be a business-friendly state, create jobs, grow the economy, and fund education. He will protect our constitutional freedoms and make sure the needs of this district are front and center at our Capitol.  


Joel resides in Buckeye with his wife, Shauna, of 17 years and together they have 4 children.


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