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Joel’s Priorities for District 25

Agriculture is big in our district. We produce dairy products, cotton, wheat, alfalfa, leafy greens, and more for our state and beyond. Joel comes from a farming family and runs a family business helping farmers around the district with efficient irrigation. He will prioritize low regulations and water rights for ag producers.  


Water is a concern across our state, but particularly in our district. Ag producers are concerned about maintaining supply and water rights. Joel will advocate in Phoenix for the unique water concerns of each area of the district to ensure fairness and efficiency.

Low-Taxes, Pro-Business

If we want our state to continue to attract jobs and industry, grow, and thrive, we must keep taxes low, regulations minimal, and government accountable. We want to keep District 25 a great place to open and grow businesses. Joel will be a champion for low taxes and pro-business policies and advocate for removing burdensome regulations that stifle growth and innovation.  

Constitutional Freedoms

Our representatives should be in the business of protecting our constitutional freedoms, not threatening them. Joel has had the honor of seeing our constitution with his own eyes.  It was a moving and unforgettable moment. You can trust him to defend your constitutional freedoms, including your First Amendment right to free speech and religious freedom. As responsible gun owners in District 25, we value our right to defend ourselves and our families.  As a Lifetime Member of the NRA, and someone who continues his family hunting tradition, Joel will protect your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Joel is strongly pro-life, believing that every human life has value and should be protected. 


Making sure every child has access to the best education is key to our state’s success. Joel grew up attending Buckeye public schools, and he and Shauna send their kids to these same schools. He served as a music teacher for several years in the Buckeye Elementary School district and still maintains certifications in music and Spanish. Joel believes in funding education, ensuring funds reach the classroom, returning more control to local school districts, and keeping a variety of education options open to students and families. 

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Local Control

When decisions are put in the hands of local cities, counties, and school districts, citizens have a voice and solutions are more effective. Joel will work to take power out of the hands of legislators and put it back where it belongs. He will advocate for school districts to be able to make decisions that reflect the values of the residents in the area and for residents of rural counties so they can make decisions regarding growth and air quality.

Border Security

We want to keep Arizona a safe place to raise a family – and that means knowing who is coming across our borders. District 25 is a border district, so Joel is especially committed to making sure residents are secure by supporting common sense barriers at the border.  

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